Last One Out of Liberty City

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 260

In the middle of the coliseum, Fred nervously eyes his opponent in the tournament that he unwittingly entered. The lion prowls around its side of the arena floor, growling. And Fred can tell that its captors have been starving the beast, just to give the thousands of bloodthirsty idiots in the crowd more bang for their buck when the lion finally goes apewaste.

Fred nervously keeps reaching for his sword, but it isn't there. The tournament rules specificially stated no weaponry of any kind. Fred would have to rely on his brain and his wits to get past the first round. However, he had never fought a lion before, let alone just with his bare hands.

Lava Man, the one responsible for these barbaric games, orders the lion be released.

Ready or not, Fred!

  1. Fred bravely battles the lion.
  2. To Fred's surprise, the lion refuses to charge.
  3. It's no contest. The lion instantly slaughters Fred!
  4. Fred runs. If he can't battle the beast, he could at least outrun it.
  5. Fred abruptly takes a big dump on the coliseum floor.
  6. Fred um, bravely battles the lion

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