Distress Signals

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2541

"Your humble servant awaits," Synizn says to his friends.

Well, at least he's now no longer stuck with the lifespan of a human! Sigin thinks to himself.

Everyone is just beginning to smile at along with the infectious grin on Synizn's face when......

The now cousin to the Crystallic endowed demifox, the slipgate system, has just run a self diagnostic.....and has now just gotten over the horror of what it has detected. Synizn is knocked to his knees as facts and figures!

The inrush of water went off with the force of high explosives, and was thus able to cause a serious feedback inside the slipgate system. Basically, the same thing that happened to the slipgate system on a parallel world called Terra Prime!

Problem is that the only solutions that the little demifox knows of, instinctively, can not be done. This is in large part that the control center of the system had been in what had been the city of Atlantis! There was only one entity race that would have the answers for this vexing problem, and that involved incredible persistence (for how would that person have gotten the qualifications for this trip otherwise!

Synizn grows pale (as far as his colorful complexion allows it), and he whispers something in dragon.

Roughly translated, it translates into fecal matter!

  1. Sigin, Astra, and Fred suddenly are disoriented to find themselves in front of a small gray man in a slate gray 20th century business suit.....and a scowl of annoyance!

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