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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2540

"I mean just that," Synizn states as he places the Crystallic into a large mug. With a mental command, the Crystallic first forms into a bottle of fizzing liquid, then seems to just melt down into the mug....forming a glowing liquid that fills the mug. The demi-fox slams the mug's contents down his throat, startling quick. The demi-fox licks the last drop of what had been the Crystallic, and turns to look at his stunned friends. His eyes seem to have an inner glow to them, and then fade back to normal.

"Are you CRAZY!" Fred nearly shouts. "You want to try to...."

"Poison myself?" chuckles the demi-fox. "It didn't happen to your analogs, nor shall it happen to me. And since there is nothing of the Crystallic to use to 'control' me......"

"You've become the Crystallic!" gasps Sigin, suddenly seeing what is happening. "By consuming it, you and it combine!"

"Right," nods the demi-fox sadly. "And while that means that anyone who wants the power of the Crystallic will have to destroy me. And since I'm part and parcel to that thing....destroying me destroys It. The downside, though it's kind of not a downside, is that I now have the lifespan of the Cyrstallic."

"Uh," Fred gulps. "How...long?"

"Frankly," the demi-fox says. "I'd guess with the in 500,000 to a million years, I should be finally done."

His friends just stare at him. Even Sigin looks queesy at the idea of living THAT long. Dragons could conceivably live forever, but.......

"Now, I had possesssion of this item and pledged to serve you and yours, dear Fred and Astra," the demi-fox says, bowing formally. "With this, I guess I get to serve for a longer time than I previously figured.

"And besides," smiles the demi-fox. "It isn't like by consuming that Crystallic I'm suddenly a god. Tiamat knows that I am not! It just gives me an edge in a mage battle, and allows me to do a few more things that I'd need the splipgates to do."

"Your humble servant awaits," Synizn says to his friends.

  1. <Well, at least he's now no longer stuck with the lifespan of a human!> Sigin says to himself.

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