Josh Sees the Stars and then....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 248

Josh and Black Knight step out into the alley. They have nothing but their fisticuffs but that is alright. Black Knight tells Sir Josh to put up his dukes and Sir Josh complies. And then... Well, computer geeks are not particularly good fighters. When Josh came to, he was seeing stars, stars and not much else. When the stars cleared Josh realized that he was in the back of a truck and his hands and feet were tied. Who had done this to him? Where was he going? Shouldn't he do something about this?

  1. Josh attempted to wriggle out of his bonds.
  2. Josh screamed for help as loudly as he knew how.
  3. The story police pulled the truck over. This was a Medieval fantasy story after all and not supposed to be a late twentieth century comedy.
  4. All of a sudden Josh heard police sirens. Perhaps he was about to be rescued.
  5. Josh lay still and overheard Black Night and a woman in conversation.
  6. If you don't like any of my ideas, try one of your own.
  7. Lord Fred rescues Sir Josh

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2/14/1999 9:56:33 PM

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