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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 24366

For reasons that no one really understands, Fred suddenly decided to have a temper tantrum. He laid there pouting on the floor.

"I dont want to save her! Its too dangerous. I hate clowns! Why is it always meeeeee?? Why do people always have to click the first optio.. wait... " he scratches his chin thoughtfully "what do I mean, click? Have I gone insane?"

The ghost of Velus smacked himself in the head at this pitiful display "Pull yourself together man and go save the girl!"

  1. Fred begins to flail his arms and legs, throwing a huge temper tantrum
  2. At the risk of being predictable, Lord Reaibn runs into the room and shoots himself in the head. Fred and the ghost of Velus are stunned (having never seen this before).
  3. Fred gets up, and goes to do his duty!
  4. The ghost of Velus begins performing air guitar, ignoring Fred completely.
  5. Something Else

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth

4/11/2003 7:39:43 AM

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