Monster in the Closet

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2318

The many caves inside the cavern made Lord Fred wonder who the invisible one really was he or the Dragon. And just as he turned the corner, the flames singed his cheek. There in front of him stood the monster in the closet, times one hundred. Heat spewed from his every pore, eyes glowed golden red, talons as big as tree trunks adorned his paws.

With one fell swoop he gathered Fred up, "What is thy name?" he asked.

Fred had to turn away from the heat, "Lord Fred is my name and I have come in hopes of a truce."

The Dragon pondered and replied, "And what do I stand to gain from this truce?"

"You will be free of this prison you call a home, all your riches will be yours to keep and the people will beg to see you."

Again the Dragon pondered, "And if I decline?"

  1. Lord Fred will be slain along with the hopes of his people
  2. The Dragon will suffer a thousand year curse

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Lew Wilson

6/22/1999 9:19:11 PM

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