Preparation for a Battle

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22980

Samuel scowls, and mutters an oath. His tame mage has warned him that there have been two further magical upheavals within the last five days or so, and these mad centaurs sound as though they could be the result of one of them.

From what he is able to learn from the surviving scouts, it seems that these centaurs - whilst mad - are ferocious fighters. He has no way of knowing how many there are of them in all, but if they are at all numerous then it will make forcing his way through to the Zendaran capital much more difficult than he had expected it to be. The terrain is such that avoiding them would not be possible without a very long detour that would add weeks to the journey time. Such a delay would present severe problems in keeping his force fed. No, he has no real alternative but to push on.

By this time, the New Amazons have had sufficient time to join up with the Baroness's forces. They have been discussing the best tactics, and have agreed that they should deploy to an area at the rear of the barony. That way, they hope that Samuel's forces will have been significantly weakened by attacks from the mad centaurs by the time that the two armies meet. The battle is still likely to be a "damned close-run thing", however, as a famous general once said on another Terra.

  1. But if I could only find a way to assassinate Samuel first, Aaron thinks, it need never come to a fight.

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