A temporary splitting of the party....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22921


So we, perforce, must get Illura back to the New Amazons....

This, of course, means that she needs to get back to where they were hiding as fast as possible. That meant, of course, she's going to be flying by one of our flying carpet . Being that she cannot guide it , it means that I and Synizn will be play "taxi".

While we could have one of the "non-magic using" types fly, I and the others would . . . . rather be sad if something should something fatal happen to her in rout. As far as we know Samuel's forces are still rather a bit away from entering these lands, but then again we do know that he has agents about. Even though she'd be a hard target on the carpet, a little extra protection us mages could provide wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe an agent will try to take a potshot at her with a crossbow or such and....with a bit of bad luck our comrade would be run through fatally!

I know that some would argue that we Champions have done enough for Illura’s band of merry woman and our best interest in our mission to save this world would to now part ways with them and now concentrate more fully on securing Rebecca's safety until the danger to this world has passed and won't fall into the reality/unreality of Addventure Game 3.

Those people would be wrong, of course. We have better chances at keeping Rebecca safe with the extra eyes, ears (and swords) that the New Amazons would provide. Whilst the New Amazons seem to have more potential at being a lightning rod for trouble via Samuel and his cronies, first they had to FIND them. With the stuff that Astra's been providing that will be a bit harder than you'd expect. That and the extra boost to resources the centaurs will provide (especially after Astra and the others with scouting /counter tracking experience teach them).

That and we've grown rather . . . . attached to the New Amazon cause as well. Oh, if need we will part ways with the New Amazons with Rebecca in tow so to keep things from going "down the tubes" as Inquirer would put it, but we'd hate having to do that. Would have to be a dire thing indeed to do that.

The fact that we and those we've managed to save from insanity must rush off and away from those other mad centaurs is sad and dire indeed, but we just cannot help those poor souls! And if we should be so foolish as to stay in the area we shall surely get the attention of the ones who haven't run off towards the hills.....and we'll have them attacking us!

I'm rather happy it hasn't happened yet, for a mad centaur can be a handful....

Only thing that could be good about that situation is the havoc and damage the mad will do to Samuel's forces when (not if) he attempts to go through these lands. According to Aaron and the others familiar with the geography of this country, there is something of a bottleneck to trade (and troop movement). Samuel's forces can get through this land in other, nearby areas, but it would be slow.....and rough.

That is why the Barron's....er....Barroness' ancestor's had chosen to set up settlements along this path into this country.

Good for us, anyway. Got what we came for when we came up here (re: 22698), even though it was rather....not in a way we wanted....at all.



Alright, to the task at hand and not dwell on what we cannot help.

So, anyway, we are off and away, soon to return as soon as we drop off Illura. She'll bring her forces to the safe zone and await us and the centaurs to arrive.

Not a perfect situation, I am sure. But what can you do?



I look up at the source of this....scene before me with a bit of distaste. Almost have to smile a smile worthy of my old, draconian form from the rather painful swat delivered to yet another "visitor" (one of several) from Game 3!

"So glad you do not agree with this 'Feminist Cabal' member," I say a bit wryly, "But what do you, the man they call 'Bruce', have to do with this?

  1. "And definitely would love to know who 'Hashimoto' and 'Rama' are," I add, looking over at the very injured people in question.

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