The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22593

As soon as she is sure that Belboz has gone, Astra - who has been holding herself erect for his benefit - lets her body slump a little. What a mess to be in, she thinks. There seem to be few limits to his power, and none at all to his evil. I fear he's right that realistically I have no hope of escape. I don't buy his story about why he's fattened me up. I think it's part of a process of turning me into his idea of the perfect woman, voluptuous and silent. My muscles may be the next thing to go, and before long he'll no doubt try to adjust my mind to make me far more submissive and obedient. He showed his hand when we first met, and he transformed my armour into the flimsy low-cut gown I'm wearing now.

Time drags for Astra. Though there is enough light to see by, probably thanks to Belboz's magic, being stuck in one place with nothing to do is very boring. In fact Astra fears that the tedium will eventually drive her mad. She would almost welcome the return of Belboz, but it is likely to be many hours yet before he comes back to check up on her.

  1. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, she finds herself elsewhere.

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11/23/2002 10:25:19 AM

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