Belboz's Prisoner

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21816

"If you're going to starve yourself, then I'd better give you a reserve of fat to draw on." A quick spell, and Astra is thirty pounds heavier, most of it on her hips, buttocks and breasts. "Don't worry," Belboz cackles, "you'll be needing it. You see, it's looking like I'm going to be busy for the next week or so, while I have my fun with the Dragonslayer. You'll just have to be patient until I return - and then we'll have our fun!"

Astra shudders at the necromancer's vulgar suggestion. She had to find a way out of here before the DragonMage returned!

No, my dear, I'm afraid there's no hope of escape! Belboz focuses his telepathic powers on his prisoner. She feels a sharp, almost maddening pain form in the center of her head. Your mind is like an open book, Princess. I know that one born in your position must have learned to think before you speak - at least when you could speak - but I'd also recommend thinking before you least when you're in my presence. I'll be back every now and then to give you water and mushrooms. Now, be good while I'm away...

Astra's mind is released from Belboz's psychic eavesdropping and assault. He is gone.

  1. Meanwhile, Fred and Checkers....
  2. Remaining with Astra...

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