Slow Reactions

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22439

Fred decides to try to play it cool. Rather than going in blasting, he blows open the door with a Fetus-Bomb and just points his gun at a technician. A guard screams at him to drop his weapon, but he instead points it at the offending guard. The guard then whips out his own weapon, and promptly blows a 6-inch hole through Fred's body.

"Slow reactions, I guess..." mumbles the guard.

Well, now Fred is DEAD. Good going, Fred. You must choose what happens next.

  1. Fred dies and faces his final judgement...
  2. Fred wasn't really dead, that was simply a decoy Fred.
  3. Fred's corpse reanimates into a zombie
  4. Fred's corpse reanimates into a burning pile of flesh

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Phil Thyp Ants

3/9/2004 3:24:28 PM

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