Death of a Mage

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 22056

Belboz never had a chance. Struck dumb by his own spell, and with no already enchanted items on his person, he was unable to perform any magic. One swipe from Astra's forepaw broke his neck, and he died instantly. Seized by her new draconic instincts, Astra let out a mighty roar of triumph which echoed through the caverns.

She quickly regained control of herself. And then she frowned, for she had a problem. When whatever that it was had happened, resulting in her swopping powers with Belboz, her change into a female dragon had happened instantly, without any conscious intervention on her part. Naturally she had been shocked and confused at first, but she had soon decided that it was better to be a free dragon than a chained and mute woman. When she had caught up with Belboz, she had been able to see enough in his mind to realise what had happened. Since Belboz had been able to change at will between his human and his draconic form, it followed that she ought to have the power to do the same. The trouble was that, without the mage's deep knowledge of magic lore, she did not know how to turn herself back into the human Astra again.

That was bad enough. But to make matters worse, Belboz had told her that there was a dragonslayer currently in the caverns somewhere. If they met, could she convince him that she wasn't an evil monster to be slain? She could talk to him using her telepathy, but would he believe her? She really didn't want to be forced to kill him.

  1. Astra heads towards where she believes Belboz's chambers to be located. Perhaps she can find some books of magic lore there which will instruct her.
  2. Meanwhile Fred and Checkers have heard a great roar coming from not too far away.

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JH (hoping that the battle wasn't too much of an anticlimax)

11/12/2002 1:46:57 PM

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