Stymied by the Past

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21990

Belboz walked away from Princess Astra, who was chained helplessly to the wall. Before long he came to a much larger cavern, where he could easily return to his True form as the Dragon.

As Belboz prepared to metamorphosize he felt a strange feeling come over him. Hmm, he thought, that’s a feeling I haven’t felt for hundreds of years, back when those meddling Dolomites came in here and…uh oh.

Belboz realized with horror that he no longer could transform! He was stuck, at least for the moment, in the body of a human…and quite a feeble body at that! Somebody must have gotten a hold of the old Dolomite tome he had foolishly left sitting around in his chambers! He spun around to return to his chambers and undo the spell.

Belboz spun around to find himself facing…a Dragon! More specifically, Astra in Dragon form. He tried to mumble an incantation, but no sound escaped from his lips. Astra smiled, and Belboz heard her voice in his head. It appears that our powers, and our curses, have been reversed old man! What an interesting turn of events!

Belboz stumbled backwards as Astra the Dragon approached. Things were looking rather grim…

  1. The battle between Belboz and Astra begins!
  2. Wait wait wait. I want to know what Fred and Checkers are up to!

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Sir Paulito

11/12/2002 8:46:27 AM

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