Blown Away

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 220

Velus is yapping and yapping...then is suddenly lifterd straight in the air and tumbles snout over ass down the tunnel!
"VELUS!" screams Fred who is soon torn off his feet too.

Fred rockets down the tunnel. Various loose bits of his supplies are ripped off his body. Fred spots Velus up ahead. He's whining and urinating into the air in fear. The moisture is also torn away from his body. Fred straightens out, makes himself more dynamic and shoots straight for the frightened dog.

Fred grabs Velus out of midair and hugs him tightly. Velus's whimpering is soon drawn out as the wind increases in velocity.

Then it stops. Fred slams to the ground and rolls over and over. He shouts in fear and tries desperately to keep Velus out of harm's way. But the dog slips out of his grasp and Fred slams into a foul smelling rock.

From the other side of the cave, a dark figure limps over. It is Velus. His right paw is twisted and bleeding. He limps over to Fred, licks his face a few times, then slumps to the ground next to him.

  1. Velus keeps vigil.
  2. Fred and Velus expire from their injuries. Play Again?

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