Blown out?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 219

Lord Fred remembered that he had had a torch since episode 3,and it had blown out...clearly not by accident,this wind seemed magical.But while it continued lighting another would probably be fruitless!

"The dragon can not only change the form of his victims,but his own",came the voice of the princess."Often he sneaks abroad in disguise...indeed it is unclear if he is really a dragon who pretends to be a wizard,or a wizard who pretends to be a dragon.He would come here daily to remove a garment from me,and taunt me,until I was naked.Be very careful!"

Amid the wind,Lord Fred nodded,though he knew she could not see it,nor his blush as he groped towards her.He did not want to grab her in someplace inappropriate,seeing as she was naked,but he did not want to lose track of where she was.

  1. The wind grew so strong that it blew the yelping Velus away from them.
  2. He heard a creature approaching down the dark tunnel.
  3. He heard running water...was the tunnel going to flood?
  4. The wind stopped suddenly.
  5. Velus glowed red in the dark,and grew into a hellhound...HE was really the dragon!

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