Out of the frying pan…

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21814

Astra finally spoke up. “ENOUGH! I am not this fool’s slave. I am none other than Princess Astra of Aqualaria!”

Without missing a beat, Governor Gilder simply said. “Oh. I had no idea. In that case, we shall simply execute you.”

”WHAT?!?” shouted Fred and Astra in unison.

Gilder turned to Fred. “You’d better keep your mouth shut unless you want to be executed as well. I need not remind you that you are aiding and abetting an Aqualarian.” Fred dutifully obeyed. Astra was a hottie, but better her than him.

Gilder now addressed Astra ”As for you my dear, not to worry. As a princess you get the priviledge of choosing your own execution.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly in came an executioner wielding an axe. The executioners assistants were pushing in a gallow on wheels. “So, what will it be?”

  1. Astra chooses to be beheaded.
  2. Astra chooses to be hung.

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Sir Paulito

11/12/2002 11:06:49 AM

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