Fred vs. Belboz

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2168

Before Fred could do anything about Velus, he found himself getting a faceful of dirt. He stood up, brushed himself off, and took stock of his opponent.

His foe was a feeble-looking old man named Belboz. Fred laughed to himself, figuring he could easily take this geezer. That's when he noticed that Belboz was chanting something. It must be a magic spell of some sort!

Fred tried not to panic. If only he hadn't skipped out on all those magic lessons his parents tried to send him to as a kid!

  1. Fred attempts to pummel Belboz before the old man can finish the spell.
  2. Fred thinks back to his magic lessons, trying to remember a spell of his own.

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Sir Paulito

9/26/1999 2:15:53 PM

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