A Cold Shower

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21438

The protaganist had just finished removing his last bit of clothing when he saw a blue light pulsing at regular intervals. He was mesmerized by the light, and fell into a trance.

When he awakened from his trance, his heart leapt into his throat. He was in a brook full of icy cold water, and a cascade of similarly cold water was pouring down on his head. His teeth were chattering uncontrollably, and his muscles were starting to spasm. He staggered to the bank of the brook. He was waist deep in the brook when he noticed a beautiful young lady aiming an arrow at him at point blank range.

"Sir, I am Andrea, the protectress of the nymphs of this brook. It is my duty to inform you that there are guidelines of which your are in violation. Do you wish me to remind of them?"

"Do I have a ch-ch-choice," stuttered the hapless adventurer.

"No," said Andrea, "Here they are", she read slowly as the protaganist's extremities started to turn blue.

Rated "E" for Everyone - This story is available to everyone on the Internet. That includes the possibility of children. While I don't want the story to turn into a "G" rated sugar coated Disney film, I don't want to see graphic sexual encounters in the story either. There is some room for the possibility of some sexual situations in the story, but these need to have a good reason for their existence in the story. The main character will NOT try to have his way with every maiden that walks in front of him. This appears like it will be the most likely reason that episodes will get deleted. I will not tolerate episodes of this nature in the story.

Per G.G., Chief of Ordnance.

"So have I made myself clear?" said Andrea, with an undertone of menace.

The protaganist....

  1. apologizes, and asks if he can leave the freezing brook. Andrea relents, saying "Get your clothes on and go through that cave opening."
  2. reaches for Andrea's tunic.

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