The Never Ending Quest - Episode 21437

"I do not quite understand," replied Andrea.

"Diana is quite straitlaced, you know," explained the python, "and very protective of the women under her charge. The task that I am to assign to your is not evil per se." The python paused. Andrea thought that she saw mischief in his smile. "Although some of the possibilities are interesting."

"As you may know," the snake continued pedantically, "Diana had the power to change men into beasts. She used this power on Acteaon when he accidently saw her bathing, turning him into a stag and allowing him to be torn into pieces by his own hounds. A strange sort of justice, but it worked for her. And as you may also know, there have been problems in the realm as of late. Some of our nymphs and princesses have been forced into embarassing situations, and some of our gallant knights and heroes have been enchanted to behave in crude and implausible ways. Some of your new abilities may help us redress this balance. So, do you choose to undertake this task?"

  1. Andrea accepted the task.

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11/3/2002 9:24:37 AM

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