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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19891

Meena knew she only had a split-second to save herself. As the terrifying cyborg goons closed in on her, she planted both hands firmly on the ground and lifted her body into the Innocent Darkside Spinkick, the knowledge of which was mysteriously ingrained in her psyche since childhood. Crescent's goons met a deadly cyclone of spinning fuzzy pink slippers - one stumbled back nursing a broken jaw, another fell howling with his arm bent in two, and the third merely flew across the room and passed out.

Meena settled into a defensive crouch, breathing hard and trying to think of what to do. More goons were climbing through the window - had all of Nagaya assembled for this? They must want Rand bad, Meena reasoned. She jumped up and raced out of the living room into the kitchen, where a stairway led up to the second floor, where Rand was no doubt fighting for his life against Jade Crescent. "I've got to help him!" Meena said and sprinted up the stairs, slippers flapping.

Meanwhile, Rand Takahashi Mullenkedheim Tetsuo Shima III (aka Fred D'Honaire, aka The Stalker, aka Sweet Candy Nuts) was lathering himself up in the shower and butchering the classics.

"Oh, solo mio!!!" he sang in what was nonetheless a marvelous tenor. "Um... um... oh solo mio!!!"

"Is that you, Meena?" he shouted as he heard the bathroom door slam. "Just give me ten more minutes!"

"You're dead, Shima." came a voice."

"What?" Rand wondered. "Meena, you're gonna have to speak up, I can't hear you over the water!"

"I'm gonna kill you." the voice came again.

Exasperated, Rand turned off the water. "Meena, you know I..." he said, peering behind the curtain. "uh... uh... yipes! Jade, what the hell are you doing here?!"

"You messed up, Shima." Jade said, grinning wickedly. "And now your life will be mine."

Rand stared at him, then laughed. "Jade, you're such a drama queen! Look, I had no idea those boxes were full of nitroglycerin! If you ask me, it's all your boy's fault for lighting up at the time."

"You always did have balls, Shima." Jade glared. "Too bad by tomorrow they'll be in preservatives on my wall."

With that the 6' 4", 250lb Jade Crescent lunged at Rand, forcing him to make a split-second decision.

  1. Wrap himself up in the shower curtain for modesty and stylishness, then fight Jade Crescent.
  2. Wrap the curtain around Jade Crescent instead.

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