The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19889

Meena screamed in horror as a brick flew through the window of the house. "Rand!" she screamed. "The looters are coming!" Glass shards were everywhere. Where was Rand? Meena was trapped in the living room in her stunning Coyote's Head Jeanshorts and Tank Top, as well as comfy Fuzzy Pink Slippers (which added +1 to defense!).

"Get Rand Shima out now or we'll come in there and get him!" yelled a brutish voice from outside. Meena gasped. These were no ordinary looters! That voice belonged to Jade Crescent, half-man half-cyborg leader of the Nagaya Go-Gang! Oh boy - Rand had really gotten himself into trouble this time.

A monstrous figure crashed in through the window, causing Meena to scream long and loud. It was Jade Crescent, allright, with blinking bionic red eye and artificial chainsaw arm.

"Stay away!" Meena cried, falling on her fanny. "I warn you, I possess dangerous powers!"

"Ha!" Crescent laughed, his voice like the screeching of nails on blackboard. "You're that orphan slut Shima took in, no doubt out of the goodness of his heart!"

"S... slut?!" Meena raged. "I'll have you know I am a maiden of virtue!"

More cybernetic goons climbed in through the window. "Deal with her." Crescent growled. "I'll go kill Shima."

Meena babbled in fear as the freaks surrounded her. "We're gonna mess you up, girlie." one threatened. On the verge of panic, Meena lashed out with...

  1. Tenkou Punch.
  2. Innocent Darkside Spinkick.

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