Agent In Training

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19646

"Welcome to The Facillity, Agent Fred." said the small, red-faced man. "My name is Lewel. I will be your instructor."
The room was small, with six windows, all with different nature scenes outside. The walls were painted white. There was some water damage on the far corner of the ceiling. No doors were visible.
"Your first test is to discover which window will not lead to a horrible, horrible death."
Lewel vanished.
Fred looked around. There was a forest scene. Leaves fell gently in it. The next window was a meadow full of wild wheat. A lake with a few dolphins frolicking in it. A side of a mountain with a wild goat eating grass It bleated at a rock then continued eating. The fifth window focused on a small puddle of rain water under some redwoods. Birds could be seen flitting back and forth, reflected in the water. The last window, the one next to the forest scene had a thick blanket of snow falling on a small, bush-filled ridge.
Fred goes to a window and climbs out.
Which window is it?

  1. The forest scene.
  2. The meadow scene.
  3. The lake.
  4. The goat one.
  5. Rain water.
  6. Snow.
  7. Fred does not exit any of the windows.
  8. Fred does something else entirely.

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