Lots42: Banned?"

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18557

Lots42's IP is banned from NEQ. An angry email is sent to his main address, cuteypie@hugafurry.com, detailing the situation.
What is the results of the ban?

  1. Quality episodes go up 50 percent.
  2. All the other writers quit in protest.
  3. Lots42 gets drunk and sits behind the 7-11, talking to underpants gnomes.
  4. Sir Toby is banned from the Council Of Interactive Story Website Maintainers. COISWM.
  5. Lord Fred tries to pronounce COISWM and sprains his brain.
  6. Blue carrots become a part of Apple Jacks cereal.

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8/10/2003 8:32:25 PM

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