The Crapping Knight

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 17178

Fred could see a beautiful, white tree by one of the tunnels, and he thought that that was a good sign.

As he walked towards the entrance to the tunnel, he could hear a most disturbing sound from behind the tree.

'Someone must be crapping behind the beautiful tree!' Lord Fred thought, and he went around the thick, white trunk to investigate.

A naked man was sitting with his back against Fred, trying to squeeze out... I guess you can imagine what he was trying to squeeze out. Anyway. Beside the man lay his suit of armour, and Fred realized why he had to take care of such an unholy business behind this beautiful tree. Taking off a suit of armour usually took at least half an hour, and there just wasn't enough time to find a toilet when nature called upon a brave knight. Those who tried, ended up smelling quite horribly until they could get their armour washed.

Leaned up against the tree stood a beautiful sword wrapped, in a gold-plated sheath encrusted with thin silver-lines forming letters of a language Lord Fred did not understand. The shaft of the sword was clad in gold, wrapped in velvet and covered in blood-red rubys. Lord Fred was enchanted by its beauty, and he thought it would be cruel to let this simple, pale-butted parody of a knight wield such a mighty weapon.

  1. Kill the knight and take the sword.
  2. Sneak up and take the sword without the knight noticing.
  3. Go through the tunnel anyway, and get the hell out of there.
  4. Do something else.

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Erlend Alvestad

2/1/2004 6:00:43 AM

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