Fred Is Overcome By Remorse

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 17135

The luscious naked woman was standing right in front of him. For a while, Fred was so overcome by lust he couldn't even move. That was his downfall. The woman, realizing that she had a window of escape, rushed past the knight into the cave, knocking him onto the hard cave floor.

For about fifteen minutes, Fred was too stunned to do anything. Gradually, he became aware of what he had almost done. He had almost raped an innocent woman! Was this any way for a knight to conduct himself? Overcome by guilt, he wondered if he could ever live up to what he had done.

  1. Fred kills himself.
  2. Fred renounces his knighthood and becomes a monk.
  3. Fred decides the best penance would be to resume his quest and kill the Dragon.
  4. A mysterious being rescues Fred.

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