The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16816

Despite his heroics and gallantry, Lord Frederigo was thrown aside. Once the princess was back in the arms of her father, she turned on Fred, declaring that he was a mere knave and that she could have found her way back without him. The court laughed at her contrived stories of his foolishness. Each one was more outrageous than the last as she played upon the prejudices of the people of Kells. At last, they took Fred and threw him out of a window into the garden below. His horse was taken, and his armor had been stripped off of him.

He had somehow clung to his sword when they tossed him out the window. He shouted that they would never take it from him, and in jest and with many laughs they let him keep it. This he carefully wrapped in his mantle, which was emblazoned with the crest of his homeland. He tied it over his shoulder with a cord he found. After escaping the palace grounds, he found some discarded burlap which he used for clothing instead of his proud armor. He now had to determine where to go.

  1. Stay in the city.
  2. Go out to the country.

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8/8/2001 7:47:31 AM

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