Fred Changes His Mind (again)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16637

Fred tells Belboz that he's changed his mind. He's going after the dragon on his own and doesn't want Belboz's annoying company on the quest.

Belboz gets infuriated when he hears this. What! bellows Belboz as his eyes start to glow a crimson red in color. How dare you insult the Great Wizard Belboz by turning down his generous offer.

Fred is starting to regret is impulsive behavior and petulant attitude. As he watches, Belboz begins to grow in size -- 6 ft -- 7 ft -- 10 ft -- 15 ft -- 20 ft! Belboz has grown to twenty-feet in height. Worse yet, his skin has taken on a scaly, reptilian look. Fred studies the transformed Belboz and relizes -- to his horror -- that Belboz has turned himself into a Basilisk.

The Basilisk is the King of the Serpents and can kill with a single glance. Fred begins to quivver in terror and shudders at the thought of looking up into those crimson eyeballs. Nevertheless, Fred must do so if he is going to move forward

  1. Fred battles Belboz the Basilisk
  2. Fred runs away screaming
  3. Fred rescinds his refusal and now tells Belboz that he's welcome to help fight the dragon
  4. Fred bravely stares directly up into the eyes of the Basilisk

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