Indistinguishable from Magic.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15568

But the Book doesn't know about what the Champions are planning.....

Magical shields have been placed and plans have been laid and one element in these schemes is a definite welcome addition to this escapade. While the mages figured that it had been possible before, this addition makes the odds much more favorable.

And this "element"?

"We shall who is the better being," the Doctor (the Time Lord one) says fiercely, looking at the Red Pyramid from the observation located a bit away from the magical edifice.

"Yes, it should prove interesting which will give first.....Atlantian super sorcery or Time Lord super science," Inquirer agreed, nodding and giving the Doctor a more than friendly pat on the shoulder. "Those not in the know would find the later indistinguishable from the former....."

  1. And so it began, and the Book......

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