And what does the Book think of all this?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15567

But we must now turn back to those trying to get out of a Pyramid...

The Nameless Book is as annoyed as a magical artifact can be in this case. Rather, it's VERY as far a magical artifact can be. First, there was the fact that the Book was being blocked from sensing what was happening with it's "guests" AGAIN. It's fears about the potential problems those magic users was justified. Second, the Book had, while attempting to repeatedly dispel the magical cloak bloaking it, sensed that the cloak was somehow being augmented by.....a fellow Atlantian artifact! Somehow, the impossible had happened and the created had turned upon the master, because the Book was doing his Master's will....and this upstart called the "Crystallic" (silly name!).....was against him! Unheard of! The SOB even went so far as to keep insisting that all of Atlantis was destroyed and the dragon who was the Book's creator was nothing an imposter!! That it's true creator (both it's and the Book's) was dead!

Well, the obvious thing that would soon happen next was that the "guests" would attempt to break out. The Book was ready!

Whether by magic, or by this eldritch "science" was ready!

  1. But the Book doesn't know about what the Champions are planning.....

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