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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15565

But now he finds out that the ones he swore to swear himself to are in part the very unwitting couriers . . . ..and a few Others . . . . . .

Now, this explanation is a bit long, so bear with me . . . ..

What happened next is typical of what a Champion must deal with whenever on a mission for the next few millennia. It stems from two things. The first comes from what basically amounts to a question of cosmic balance! See, back a long time ago (or shortly ago . ..dependant on your point of view) several Whoniverses had their basic nature changed. Instead of eventually collapsing back into the primordial stuff from which they arose out of via the Big Bang (also known as Event One to the Time Lords . . . ..of which one Time Lord in particular played a part in bringing about in the first place through a complex series of events we needn't go into right now), their lifespan was extended indefinitely when they were converted into Steady State Universes. Now, without boring you with a long lecture, the bottom line is that this means those Whoniverses were now going to be around forever. Now, this poses a bit of a problem with the state of affairs between the Office of Order with their Rules and the Office of Chaos with their Agents. Their jobs encompass several areas (both in physics and social civil settings), but this one area deals with one aspect called entropy. See, the accepted state of affairs between the two is that each will strive against each other, seeking either to prolong the lifespan of a universe (as what the Rules are tasked) and to shorten the lifespan of a universe (as what the Rules are tasked). This one aspect is waged through entropy (a characteristic of all systems seeking their lowest energy position), Rules seek to slow the rate entropy of a universe (prolonging that system). Agents seek to increase the rate of entropy of a universe (shortening it's life). Nothing personal. It's just their divine given Task (as it were). In the majority of universes, the net effect of all this striving is zero. Knowing this, the Rules and Agents were happy with this state of affairs. They knew their place and position in existence and both knew they needed each other, because without their Counterpart . . . . . .their existence was meaningless (can't have one without the other . . . ..balance). Heck, the relationship between the two Offices was (and is) friendly! However, it became necessary to change the order of things in a universe which had been scheduled to be destroyed by entropy (basically). Things had gotten out of hand due to meddling of the affairs of Chaos and Order from Outside Offices (mostly from the Demons side of things), threatening all of existence by endangering the Dark Tower, an edifice that is the lynchpin for all of creation AND the "home office" of the Army of Light (i.e. the Office of Good), Army of Darkness (the Office of Evil).

Changing the nature of a few universes had helped prevent this collapse (as well as prevented the destruction of several of those universe's Earths as an added benefit), and it benefitted all of the Offices over all, ultimately. However, for smooth relationships between the Agents and Rules . . . .something was done in compensation for the change of affairs in those few universes. So each and every Champion, unbeknownst to them, exuded a bit of . . . .chaos that made things go a bit . . . . . .screwy. So a bit of chaos flowed back through the magical link between the magical translator jewelry the demifoxes inside the Red Pyramid and the magical spy apparatus of Synizn. It effects the magical restrictions on the Crystallic, allowing some leeway for it's sense of humor (strange as it is). Without direct orders, the Crystallic that Synizn is holding find it can reach out and allow a few . . . ..adjustments to the reception capabilities of Synizn's magical apparatus.

In a patchwork cabin . . . .on yet another world . . . ..

"Who is this?" the Vixen asks, perplexed, as she looks over at Freddy Vulpine and her children, "Synizn is dead!"

Not through any fault of our own, she grumps, remembering, We only hired that woman to steal the Crystallic, not kill that werebear. (Re: 1728)

She and her mate had kept the magical translator jewelry they'd inherited along with their earthern bodies (the old human owners no longer needed them) and had kept them as keepsakes. Boy, it was surprising to hear those keepsakes talking! That and the voices coming from those keepsakes . . . ..sounded just like those now departed humans!

They'd paused and listened, spellbound, as this strange tale unfolded. It was fascinating! And as one may guess, fascinating things draw kitsunes interests like a moth to a flame!

That is why they remained silent until now!

The scene freezes before they get another word out . . . ..

In the TARDIS of Doctor Who from 1511 AD (Terra Prime calander) . . . ..

"Okay, who's been playing with the communicator?" B'ellana grumps, looking down at both her own communicator.

It had begun to speak without her activating it, right around the time when the people inside the Red Pyramid began to speak to this new Synizn.

Right now, the golden haired elfin woman thinks somebody on the Voyager is playing tricks . . . ..

Jarlath and the others in Doctor Who's TARDIS look down at the female, golden haired elf as she pulls out her communicator.

Ten years ago (her reckoning), while she'd been running around inside of the ship of Xoanon, her communicator had vibrated for attention (she'd turn off the buzzer for the sake of stealth) but she'd been a touch too busy with a situation to answer it. Later, when she tried to answer all she'd gotten was dead air.

She then swears softly, realizing that right at this moment this was ten years ago! Sometimes she still forgot the ramifications of all of this time travel business! While back on Terra Prime, when they had left, it was 1511 AD (ten years from the first time they'd met Queen Astra and Roland on Nantucket Earth) . . . . . .their 1501 AD versions of themselves was STILL around. She turns off her communicator (breaking the mystical link between it and Synizn's device).

However, Queen Astra and Roland walk into the room with an odd look on their faces. Queen Astra's PDA's voice mail feature . . . . . .was making the blasted thing act just like B'elanna's communicator . . . . . .

Back in a house at the outskirts of Nantucket, after a fierce gunbattle . . . . . .

"Well, whoever they are, take a message!" Eddie Dean shouts over at the annoying communicator that "Frank Marn" is looking at in askance. "We're in the middle of a little problem here!"

"Don't panic," the holo-Doctor scolds, administering a final touch with his medical instrumets, "She'll be as good as new . . . .and so will Susannah here."

Susannah Dean is unconscious, so makes no contributions to the conversation.

"However, I recommend a week of rest for her and her child's sake," the EHM continues, "Else I'll make no guarantees to either of their continued survival."

Roland nods, guiltily fighting down an urge to insist on pushing on to the Dark Tower despite the danger. While his quest for the mystical edifice still burned within him, he wasn't that consumed (not any more, at least).

As for the danger he keeps hearing about what this Xoanon poses, there isn't much he can do about it at this time. The best course of action, he feels, is to wait. Besides, if the future version of the people who landed in the middle of this strange town are around . . . .then it boded well for the future (or . . . .the past? . . . ..this time travel business made the Gunslinger's head spin, despite his recent ordeal with Jake) . . . . . .

"Ack, they'll be water if God wills it," he mutters, sighing.

Dragon Synizn, recognizing the voice of the dragon mage coming from the other end of Queen Astra's PDA system, forgets his manners and grabs the device out of Astra's hands to speak with his "brother" (earning a glare from her and making him pause in surprise . . . .at his bad manners and wondering if that had been such a hot idea . . . .the grabbing business).

Frank Marn looks over at the Gunslinger in askance, but the scene freezes for him before he can speak . . . . . .

Synizn, back in his Walant's mage laboratory, freezes as everything also freezes.

"Chaotic enough for you?" Rule 3 sighs, asking his Chaos counterpart.

  1. "Hey, it can all work for everyone's advantage.....if they play it right," Agent 3 protests, looking down at the sour frown of his Order counterpart.

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