The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15555

(Author's Note: parts of this episode owe their origins to episode 15539 by JH and episode 15417 by WolfRun).

Demifox Astra

I and my love's ear's stand straight up in surprise at that one!

"Uh, who is this?" I ask a second before I can stop myself from asking such an inane sounding question. One of my children whines, begging for attention. I absently reach out and hug him while I await the answer.

"Dragon Synizn?" Jarlath 2 blurts out, "Are you, Probe and the others trying to get us out of here?"

"Wha....uh, no....," the voice coming from the ring says, "The name is Synizn, but..... I'm not the Synizn I think you're confusing me with....."

The voice sound a bit....embarrassed.

Back on the world that Demifox Fred and Demifox Astra came from......

The dark haired dragon mage (presently in human form), pauses to marshal his thoughts (and to fight down an stab of guilt) before continuing.

Mother of Dragons, this is d*mn odd. Synizn thinks to himself.

It had all started only this morning......(re: episode 15313)

Back on a parallel world that two demifoxes hale from, a werebear is walking in the woods near Walants, grumbling about the recent happenings in the city....when he suddenly finds himself in full dragon form....and the curse of lycanthropy he'd been suffering under lifted!

"Tiamat's blood!" he whispers relevantly, shocked.

He then notices that the town guard seems rather agitated suddenly finding a dragon poking it's head through the trees nearby....and he decides to "beat feet" in order to calm the poor humans.....

Still awed in incredibly grateful to whatever force has done this for him, the dragon mage is still cautious in his search for to person to thank (who he will, if Synizn determines who's motives are relatively benign, swear eternal allegiance to whoever that person(s) is/are). H found out through prayer (this dragon is a deeply devout believer) that while Tiamat has smiled upon him this day.....the means of his freedom (from what he can understand from the Mother of Dragons, She was ever so elegantly mysterious) did not directly come from Her. Well a day, the dragon mage really wasn't disappointed at that. He wasn't so arrogant as to be terribly disappointed that Tiamat hadn't finally directly intervened in his life. As much as he loved Tiamat, he knew he wasn't important enough for direct intervention. However, She had pretty much confirmed that it was now Synizn's duty to serve the person who'd freed him from his lycanthropic curse (that She had said directly to him, in no uncertain terms)!

So now free of his curse (the terrible mood swings, the loss of control on the nights of the full moon, the isolationistic tendencies), Synizn had finally found the source of his deliverance.....in the most unlikely of sources!

It had happened when he had basically been "checking his messages". That is, checking the mystical gear he'd set aside to keep tabs on the ones who'd Malachi, in her dying breath, had sent his way with a possible release for him. Depending on his mood, if his lycanthopic curse allowed him a good mood, he'd do what he could to restore them to humanity. The last was an iffy proposition with the dragon mage. He'd been rather grumpy ever since, upon him becoming a were-bear, upon having to struggle to learn the ways of magic again (the lycanthropy of this world rewove the body that much in this world). Throw in the violent mood swings Synizn was now prone to, and couple the annoying fact that the unwitting couriers of his salvation get caught by the people they now looked like, the chances of Synizn deigning to actually help these two Dragonslayers (a dangerous, untrustworthy lot in the first place) was slim to none. Synizn had played with the idea of actually magically whisking away the female dragonslayer and have the male attempt (with a few magical aids) to capture the Crystallic and bring it to him, but Synizn finally decided against it. Frankly, Synizn finally had decided to let the two rot, forevermore locked in forms they weren't born in, and instead had a talented thief (this cesspool of a human city had no limit of that type) go and steal the Crystallic from the demifoxes. The thief had returned much sooner than Synizn would have believed possible (shortly after having the tangled main of hair groomed and cut into something much more civilized......the "mountain man" look he'd been cursed with while a were-bear had grown too old too quickly) with the object of Synizn's desire (even if Synizn was now cured, the Crystallic was just too d*mn dangerous to let alone). Still in buckskins (not having been able to switch into something more civilized) the dragonmage went over to an unobtrusive spot to hear the thief say something about something having riled up the local demifoxes into a panic (making it easier to slip in and out for her). Synizn had nodded absently and paid the thief, more interested in getting the Crystallic to a safe location than anything happening with the demifoxes.

Still in buckskins, Synizn checked on the happenings with Fred and Astra....and got caught up in what was happening on the other side. Synizn absently noted the magical interference coming through the magical apparatus (making listening in difficult at times......and any attempts to speaking to the targets a nightmare).

The dragonmage goes from amazed at where the demifoxes now are and with who they are meeting (last Synizn had heard, the idea of their being "other realities" was still only a crazy theory amongst the dragon community>.....but the indications he got from the other side...... Well, it's the only thing it could be!

Amazement then goes on to incredulous shock when he overhears. He's rather like many of his analogs in his beliefs. He'd joined with Malachi against the likes of Minestus out of a sense of disgust for those evil dragons who'd do terrible things to human beings (i.e. it was offensive to him). Synizn felt that human beings were forever like children in need of guidence (and dragons were the ones to give it). Human beings couldn't be noble.... His time amongst them at Wallents just reinforced that conception.....

  1. But now he finds out that the ones he swore to swear himself to are in part the very unwitting couriers.....and a few Others......

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