Astra Ascending

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14819

The talk between djinn and angel is long and quiet, but here is the crux of the conversation.

First, Fred told Astra in no uncertain terms that what had happened had been a fluke. By the very nature of djinn's, Astra had been forced to seek out the first being capable of breaking her curse and killing the dragon. There were millions and millions of other beings capable of doing it (and much less dangerous than Flagg), but Astra's powers had caught Flagg unaware and brought him forth. A second sooner or later at the attempt, and things would have happened differently. Just the luck of the draw, as the saying goes.

Second, the fact of the matter was that Fred was happy with his situation now (being an angel, fighting the forces of darkness). Velus was also happy fighting along side him. That being the case, Astra should not feel sad for their deaths.

Third, there was nothing that Astra could have done in protecting Fred and Velus. Flagg, while not the most powerful of Demons, was many times as powerful as a djinn. The fact that Flagg got dragged into Astra's reality by her only happened because the Demon got caught unaware.

Last, there was an invitation by him and the other Angels for her to join with them in their battle against Flagg's ilk. This meant that Astra would join with him, by his side as a fellow warrior...and perhaps more (whatever kind of unions that form in the Afterlife is a big question, but sounded....intriguing to Astra, who'd taken a shining to Fred before all this, truth be told).

"I think I'd like that," Astra the djinn says softly.

"And as a lateral transfer, that would be a most excellent upgrade in status," Rule 1 agrees, "Can't return you to human due to inter-Office"

Her form blurred, and suddenly yet another warrior angel (this one a flame haired female) stood before them. If anything, Astra was now even more radiant than before. Then again, angels are heavenly beings, much more beautiful than anything found in the mortal planes!

"I bid you farewell, dear folk," Astra says softly, "I have a battle calling that I must answer. There is evil out their to rout! But first, let me send you all to the place where the one known as Roland will soon be appearing on this world."

Probe and the others blink in surprise as they suddenly find themselves elsewhere "Now, if you excuse me I must see some young woman who are the product of a prophecy called the Two Girls," Rule 1 says to nobody in particular, fading from view.

  1. The Rule hadn't asked Astra to do the last, but it all worked out well enough....

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