The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14818

The door she'd gone through, of course, had lead into Probe's study. She'd stumbled in (still invisible) past him while he'd been "online"......

And of course, her unique nature of being a masterless djinn allowed her to be able to just waltze in without being detected, Probe sighed to himself, Otherwise the wards and such would have screamed bloody blue murder.

Probe had been security conscious before coming to Terra Prime, and remained so now...

"Before we go further, somebody would like to speak with Astra," Rule 1 says, "You probably will recognize one of them."

Two figures appear, and Astra the Djinn's knees go weak. Though she feels a twinge of compulsion at seeing one of the figures before her, it is nothing more than a twinge. She is the rarest of the rare, a masterless djinn. As such, her magical abilities had been curtailed to a large extent (powers stuck, waiting for a wish that would never come), but she still recognized the person before her.

"Fred?" she whispered (barely holding back the compulsion to call him Master).

Fred was dead, but he had the form of a warrior angel of the Army of Light, with Velus (now "restored" to a human seeming form after death) as his sidekick....

"Astra, I'm so glad to finally be able to see you again," Fred says softly, leading her to the side, "we have much to speak of."

"It's been tens of thousands of years." Velus adds, causing a few to blink.

"Oh, don't be surprised," Dragon Synizn says softly, "That's how long it takes for a djinn to recover....if they ever do. Usually, in these rare cases that I've heard of and the one I've actually seen, they walk throughout creation in a permanent, invisible daze. Never acting or interacting with the outside world...only locked inside their minds."

Several things appear clear, however.

One is the fact that the story of Fred, Astra, and the Dragon of the Southern Caverns (by Allarian reckoning) has been playing itself in other realities for much longer than previously believed. What that exactly meant isn't clear, nor probably never will be clear.

The other thing is this:

  1. The djinn is lucky indeed to have come out of her trance!

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