Definitelyy NOT the Guy You Want!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14683

"Here is Merlyn, Master, a mage who is capable of doing that you require." She indicated the rather surprised-looking man who had appeared at her side.

"I have not been called by that name in a month of blue moons!" Flagg says, laughing a little bit with something that could only be called humor if one wanted to be charitable.

Frankly, Flagg was VERY angry with being called away without so much as a "by your leave." Here he'd been planning the most entertaining greet for that stupid Gunslinger. Maybe, just maybe he'd finally get Roland to cry off in his quest! And here this genie had yanked him away! It would take a long time to get back to Mid-world from this distant sector in the multiverse. He'd barely be able to arrive in time.....

"Okay, what the f**k do you want?" he grumps, dropping the happy, luney manaic mage monster act. Only wanting to get it over with.

Maybe it would halfway interesting.

Somewhat put off by Flagg rather bad manners, none-the-less Fred and Astra the Djinn explain the gist of their problem.

"So, I guess the reason why you dragged me here is to help you turn your squeeze back into a human being?" Flagg finally asks, amazed.

Don't they know what he was?

Yes, it was true he appeared human (and had in this form access to his powers....making him appear as a mage). But surely this magical being should be able to look past his seeming and see his true nature!

"Yes, basically." Fred says, perplexed at the surprised tones in this "Flagg's" voice.

Well, time to enlighten this lady to the true nature of things, Flagg the Demon sighs, Hmm, should be interesting on how the next action effects her....considering the connection of djinns to their masters! Should prove educational. If she survives this, then she'll be more cautious at who she brings forth via her magick!

And in this sector of the multiverse, he was allowed more leeway on how he interacted with the Clients....

Flagg's face shifts, showing the black nature of the being within....and Velus gives off an almost human scream of horror as Flagg throws a black bolt of magic at him and Fred before Astra can even lift a finger to block the foul being known as Flagg.

Everything goes black for them and.....nothing.

"You and your little dog to, my pretty!" Flagg giggles, quoting from the movie he'd borrowed from for the party that he'd planned for Roland before being so rudely interrupted.

This is a horrible thing that he's done, but hey, the guy is a demon....after all. A demon who'd good at hiding his nature from casual detection, unfortunately for Astra the Djinn.

Astra screams as her link backlashes at her. She flickers out, and ends up in a daze (invisable) in a small town that some would say had an American Western motif to it. But she's not familiar with such a style and isn't coherent enough to wonder at that. Seeing a door with a key in it's lock (also invisible to well as immaterial to others except for those like herself), she dazedly opens it and steps through it.

Past the large figure....and passing out into a spare bedroom further on in the keep.....

Meanwhile, somewhat sated by that senseless act of violence, Flagg finds and opens yet another door....on his way back to Mid-World (maybe if he hurries.....) when a trio of voices beckon to him from another doorway.....

  1. Intrigued in spite of himself, Flagg goes over and steps through....and finds a van with a young woman trying to coax out a large dog out from where he's cowering...

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