First Wish: Take Two (from a different viewpoint)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14682

A second before he's whisked away elsewhere, the thing known as Merlyn (and by other names) has this flash through his mind.

Author's Note: this is a reprinting of episode 14061 by JH. Just giving credit to where credit is due.

"Your wish is my command, O Master," Astra said again. Inwardly she felt much happier, for Fred seemed to have hit upon a very effective wish, but she was compelled not to show any change in her impassive demeanour.

Again she seemed to shimmer for an instant. When she resolidified, she said:

  1. "Here is Merlyn, Master, a mage who is capable of doing that you require." She indicated the rather surprised-looking man who had appeared at her side.

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