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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14681

In a spot along the expressway, lays a beautiful jade green glass fortification that is the splitting image (as one imagines it) of the city that one would find the Wizard of Oz!

It even has the sign on the front door stating that the bell was out of order!

Inside, one Andrew Quick (better known as the Tick Tock Man, son of the Nazi who'd organized the gang called the Pubes back in Lud, former leader of the same gang and the sole survivor of Lud) isn't feeling to hot.

Flagg had been quietly discussing what he wanted him to say and do when his guest finally arrived, how Andrew would finally get a chance to get back at the Gunslinger and that squint that had humiliated him so much, when Flagg had just disappeared into thin air!

Andrew sat down and waited for Flagg to return, wondering where he was. He decides to soon take a small nap....and never awakens. Magic was the only thing keeping him alive and without Flagg to renew the magic.....

But speaking of magic, that was the thing that had snatched him up.

The magic of a wish, and boy is the one known as Flagg surprised.

Flagg has gone by many names. He's been called Legion. Merlin, Merlyn, and Marten Broadcloak, and due to the relative inexperience of one new female djinn, things have been set in motion that will change the lives of many.

Oh yes, we do know how it ends. How Randall Flagg (and his cohorts) were finally destroyed. However, like that one black and white movie from so many Earths where it BEGINS where it ends. That is, the movie started with a dead man staring at the audience and, in voice-over fashion, begins to tell the tale of just HOW he got there. And what a fascinating tale it was. Thus, so begins the least in part, of all the damage and grief that Flagg did before he is put down!!

  1. So if you wish, just follow along by clicking on choice number THREE in the next episode!

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