A Farewell

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14568

The band of travellers stepped out of the TARDIS... And both Bettys promptly got identical looks of confusion on their faces.

"Um, this isn't... Leela's planet," said Ragan, realizing in mid-sentence that the planet in question had never actually been named in the relevant episode.

"No!" exclaimed Nyssa, emerging from the TARDIS between them. "It's Traken!"

"Well, course," said the Doctor. "Didn't you want me to take you home?"

"I had rather thought she was going to stay and travel with us," said Betty.

Nyssa looked back and forth across the faces of her assembled companions for a moment, biting her lip. "It is tempting," she said. "But the Doctor's right. I belong here, and there is much to do on Traken."

Of course, thought both Bettys simultaneously. In the TV series, she couldn't go back to Traken because it had been destroyed. She didn't have much choice but to travel with the Doctor. Things are different here.

Inquirer pulled Nyssa into a brief but affectionate hug, and soon all the others were saying their goodbyes in similar fashion. Nyssa had been with them only a short while, but they had all grown fond of her quite quickly.

Once the farewells had all been said, and a promise extracted from the Doctor to come back and visit one day, the now slightly-smaller group of adventurers filed back into the TARDIS.

A few movements of the central column later, and they had materialized once again.

"Now we're going to go and find this Leela person?" said Gilmuriel.

"If the information we've got from this 'TV series' is correct," said the Doctor, opening the TARDIS doors, "yes."

And so they emerged onto the unnamed planet of the Sevateem and the Tesh...

  1. ..where a young woman was walking throught the forest, having just been expelled from her tribe for blasphemy...

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