Dog Bites Shoggoth

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14151

"Augh!" Fred cried. "Thou churlish whelp! How darest thou harass the Fourth Shoggoth in his hour of triumph?!"

Velus fell back and looked into Fred's eyes. Fred found himself hypnotized by the doggy's steadfast gaze! It was as if his animal companion was trying to tell him something - perhaps warn him of danger?

"Bah!" said Fred, kicking Velus aside. "Now to get me some..."

Fred turned back to Mirya, but in place of the shapely wench, a hideous pink multi-tentacled thing now stood. "Aeee!" Fred yelped. "What trickery is this?!"

"Thou fool." the thing laughed. "That little distraction was all I needed to change into my Shoggoth form. Now, you will serve as a fine side- dish... right after I suck you dry of all your Shoggoth juices!"

  1. Powerless as the tentacles twine around him, Fred dies a gruesome death.
  2. Velus comes to Fred's rescue once again.
  3. The Third Shoggoth wraps its tentacles about the Fourth Shoggoth...

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