The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1405

Although Fred still entertained serious doubts about the troll who called himself Gregorio Vichenzi Lupus the IV, he allowed the vile creature to accompany himself and Belboz down the caves.

The trio continue walking, but as they amble along the troll begins to fall back. Not too far, mind you, but he does fall back a bit.

Fred soon feels a tingling sensation at the back of his neck and senses that something is dangerously wrong. Grabbing the hilt of his sword, he quickly turns around to see.

  1. The Troll leaping for Belboz's throat
  2. Nothing! The Troll has disappeared
  3. The Troll scratching its crotch and sniffing its fingernails

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Puck Goodfellow

10/1/2012 1:37:36 PM

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