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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1313

Fred thought over the 'deal' of the Troll and decided against it. I think not," answered Fred and began walking away.

The Troll looked intently at their backs and said with a sinister tone: "You'll be sorry. It would be such a shame for Lord Frederigo, son of Duke Drederigo to be forever lost in the bowels of the Southern Caves."

Lord Fred froze at the mention of his father. Who was this Troll? How did he know who he was?

Fred turned around and stared into the deep eyes of the Troll. "Who are you to tell me this? You banter about the caves of a dragon yelling 'who goes there!' and 'I will help, for a fee.' Well, here I am with another -- two adventurers off to slay the dragon, and you now make threats at us?!!?"

The Troll eyed Lord Fred and replied: "I speak what I think and think what I speak. I make no threats but only state the obvious. My help you will need or my name isn't Sir Gregorio Vichenzi Lupus the IV."

Fred only gasped at the mention of the name: " are he? But I was taught that you disappeared in the Northern Caves of the Sasquatchian Wasteland."

"You were taught rightly indeed," came back the Troll. "But dragons and monsters seem to share a pact of some kind. I found myslef transported here by sled, cart and later even dragonwing. They, they changed me into what you see before you."

Fred looked more closely at the creature yet he had his doubts. Perhaps the Troll had simply heard the story and memorized it seeking to benefit from it? "How do I know you are telling the truth?"

The Troll smiled, a toothy smile: "My nickname was Travieso and you are my third uncle's fourth cousin by matrimony to auntie Helda of the House D'Facto."

Fred's mouth nearly dropped open; the Troll spoke the truth.

  1. Fred accepts the aid of Sir Gregorio.
  2. Fred still entertains doubts, but allows the Troll to accompany Belboz and himself.

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