Focal Point

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13766

As this happens.....

Something struggles to come forth from the dim recesses of one of the orgress' mind.

'Tis not Belda's mind, for this "triggering event" is not this.

What would have triggered what is left of her old life is well beyond her now dim orgress mind, so it is not her.

The "trigger event" is this based on morals....which Belboz of old never really had in sufficiency to really count in this case (he had them....but not as much as his....her companion).

Fre', however.....


  1. The momment passes, and dim memories still and die....
  2. The momment passes, and something from old lives leaps up and lives again!!

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10/28/2000 9:49:12 AM

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