That Was Wow....This is Then!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13660

Stood up and lifting the front of her dress relieved herself

Arguably, there has been much progress in regards to acceptance on certain affairs. Some say much more should be done in this area in acceptance, but one should remember that there has been progress as time has gone by.


This "woman" has done some time traveling to the past, and would have been well adviced to remember that now is then.....

In other words, "she" shouldn't have revealed "she" was really a "he."

Horrified and disgusted, and truly a child of his time, Lord Fred rams his sword through the "TV's" heart, and mutters curses as he walks off after wiping his sword to clean it of the "contamination" of blood.

A true child of the times.....

Remember that, next time, reader!

  1. Fred then......

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10/21/2000 3:33:12 PM

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