Oh that type of TV

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13658

Fred thinks that she is really pretty and starts to talk to the pretty damsel to get her confidence.

"So what exactly is this TV like?" Fred asks.

Becoming happier as she talks she replies "Oh he was really beautiful in a long black evening dress.

Fred was slightly confused, but knew that she must have meant "she", after all what would a man be doing wearing a dress. He put an arm around the damsels shoulder to comfort her, and she snuggled up close to him to keep warm.

"Do you watch this TV often?" Lord Fred enquired to show he was interested.

"Oh, not just that one" she answered "It's a bit of a passion of mine, in fact I am one myself"

This confused Fred even more, but realisation that he hadn't quite grasped the situation dawned when the damsel . . .

  1. Reached up and took of her hair to reveal HIS short male haircut
  2. Stood up and lifting the front of her dress relieved herself

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Karen Ford

10/20/2000 3:16:18 PM

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