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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13639

"Now, while I don't peronally believe that I am descended from Ares and the nymph Harmony...." Astra continues. "The actual evidence of the origins of Aqualaria are clouded in mystery......so it could be true for all some know. There is a bit of truth that each and every Amazon....well, there is no such thing as an ugly female native Aqualarian....giving a small nod to the origin story....but that could also just be attributed to a special blessing by the Lord.....or as the ones of the Olden religion think....the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus......"

The story that Astra tells is like that found at:


That is, until the events after the Attica War.

"....after we were defeated, the surviving Domestic Queen took the reigns and had each and every citizen take their belongs....their homestead, and move," Astra sighed. "It was obvious to her that in our weakened condition, that a strategic retreat and regrouping was in order.

"We fought our way east away from the domain of the Greeks, and settled into the area which came known as Aqualaria," she finishes, "But the gifted Queen, having seen the failings of her Military counterpart, would have no repeats. From that day forth, there would be but one Queen. Initially, the Queen was chosen by a Council....but soon that fell by the wayside and it became a royal inherited office like those you are familiar with."

"On another note," Jarlath felt compelled to add, "Whether or not Hera was actually involved in what lead to that tragic war or some faction within the Temple of Hera had conspired with others within the Greek state to cause this war, the end result was the same in that the Domestic Queen, Queen Ainia, striped the land and honor of each and every preistess of Hera....and now Hera isn't even in the present day theology as a goddess.....but an ally with the Titans. There were other changes as well, but that's a long, boring tale."

"Goodnight," Jarlath says, kissing each and every lip in turn, and gettin kissed in return.

This is going to be a long wait, Jarlath thinks regretfully as he looks after the women he loved after they left.

Next day, at what passes for breakfast, the adventurers suddenly have what can only be termed as a serious case of the cramps.

Jarlath, angered, is about to call over the slovenly bar wench to give her a piece of his mind on the quality of food that they received to cause such, when he hears several of the inn's other patrons hitting the ground while others are groaning and clutching their stomachs.

Later, as the Constable is looking over the newest mess.....

"Three dead and two others besides yourselves sick to their stomachs," he sighs, looking over at the covered bodies, "You people are lucky to have only eaten a small enough portion to only be sick."

"Indeed," Astra agrees, not bothering to point out the special nature of Champions to the representative to the law.

"Who could have done such a thing?" Ti'maa asks, appalled.

"Belboz, most likely." the Constable says, "And I think that this last event will finally get certain....people to finally take care of the man......"

Jarlath notes the milling about, angry locals with torches and pitchforks and figured that a mob was in the making....and Belboz was it's target.

"Uh, isn't that kinda dangerous....since we've heard he's....rather powerful?" Annafrid ventures.

Nobody listens and soon the mob is out.....for blood. The fact that Belboz also lived in the Southern Caverns brings no cause of alarm, for not many knew that it was the lair of dragons (since those who'd found it were eaten....and the deaths blamed on Belboz when the victims never showed up again).

  1. "And boy are they going to be disappointed in only finding the man's body," Jarlath mutters as they leave the town on their purchased horses, "So....who did this terrible crime?"

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