A Bedtime Story....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13605

"But on second thoughts, perhaps it would be safer if I dealt with them before they arrived."

Symes sighs as soon as Prang breaks the connection and fades from view. Sighing, or showing any kind of disapproval would have proven very painful for Symes indeed if Prang witnessed it.

"But I do so very much curse the day I got involved with you," Symes sighed, gathering up what will be needed for his assigned task.

Meanwhile, Astra, Jarlath, and Annafrid have gathered in one of the rented bedrooms and where quietly chatting away.

They had sworn to Joan to not do anything.....inappropriate, and they all had every intention on keeping their word, even though it was tempting not to at times.

So, instead of inappropriate behavior, Annafrid had asked Astra to tell more about this "Aqualaria" she'd heard about.

"I mean....I am interested in this mysterious land you hale from....even if in an oblique manner by you being from.....an analogous world of where we met," Annafrid says eagerly, wanting to hear.

"Well, understand that the history of that Aqualaria is not exactly the same as the one I came from," Astra says, "But, by and large it and all the other Astra's Aqualarias in the family are similar, oddly enough.

  1. "Now, not everything about the past we are proud of....or approve of nowaday," Astra begins, settling into her story.

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