Desperate Measures

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13626

And I might be joining Sato if the results of this "cure" call forth Who and What I think they'll call forth, the dragon mage thinks, shuddering.

Dragon Synizn refuses to go into details, saying only that it was the last chance to save Trilling.

If he failed, then not only would his wives be minus a husband....but the Griffon Nation would fall into anarchy.....AND there would be much ill will from the griffons if nothing was done to help Trilling Blackfeather.

They all just stare at him when he says the last as he leaves. Well, almost all.

A strong hand places itself on his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks as he's heading down to his room to prepare.

"Just what are you doing?" Probe asks.

Dragon Synizn sighs.

"Sire," he says softly (he'd already considered himself in Probe's debt), "What I must do is to.....get the attention of some powerful Beings. Beings called Rules and Agents....."

the dragon then explains the basic mage theories on these ultra powerful beings.

"....the first encounters with them had been during the days of Atlantis," he finishes, "From what little records survived....there had been something done to those Visitors in response to the Forces the Atlantians were tampering with. Something about them being Enlightened and Enhanced. Something about them being.....human like instead of mere automations."

"You're going to appeal to them?" Probe asks softly, not believing this.

"Only thing I can do," Dragon Synizn sighs, "And with that, I think I'll probably going to have to leave our little debt unpaid....well, maybe not."

With a mental effort, he breaks a Connection to part of his Hoard (something he learned from Sato)....and visibly weakens as he staggers.

"Below in the treasure room is part of my Hoard," he whispered, "Which is part of my you well know. I thus give part of my life to you...."

Probe staggers as he feels the connection...and loses consciousness.

"Enjoy," the dragon mage sighs.

Moments later, the rest of his Hoard glows...and disappears as Dragon Synizn disappears from the face of Earth Prime...along with the dark presence of Zular within the noble Trilling's body.

The dark soul of Zular had already been disposed of...and was quiet warm now.


A small version of an unconscious dragon, Dragon Synizn, appears on Rule 1's desk, as well as the unheard of paperwork for a lateral transfer from the Office of Good to the Rules and Agents realm.

The requests were for a fairy woman who'd just couldn't fit in within the Seelie the Fair Folk community in general.

There was the two new Light Elves who couldn't fit into the Light Elf community (the Germanic version of the Seelie Court on some worlds), for similar reasons as the fairy woman.

"What should we do with this one?" Agent 1 asks, perplexed. "What should we do with them all, since we can only keep them if we can find a Quest to legitimize them as Champions. Else....."

Nobody liked the alternatives. Oh, the Rayek incident had justified a few more Champions, but only by a lot of legwork!

"Well, what about the Gunslinger?" Rule 1 asked, smiling.

Slowly, Agent 1 smiled.

"Roland to the Dark Tower come." Agent 1 says, nodding, excited.

That bit of business was something of a thorn in their sides to take care of....on top of everything else!

  1. The dragon is awoken, made into a Champion (since he'd been dying freeing him from his now defunct Hoard had been a very welcome thing from the dragon mage)...and then sent on his way.

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