Dipping into the future

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13625

"You'd....better come with me," he says softly. "That... You'd better come."

Dragon Synizn, seeing the distress he'd caused Probe, quickly excused himself from his friends and went with Probe, all awhile assuring the others that nothing was amiss.

"Oh, but there is something amiss....and I'm afraid that the dream wasn't so much a dream," he whispered to himself, wondering.

Probe then takes him into a room, and along with Inquirer proceed to grill him with questions. Dragon Synizn, hoding nothing back and offering no resistence, tells all he can of the dream.

That being the case, there was no need for force, or regular interrogation tatics, for Probe to get what he'd been trying to obtain

But once he'd obtained it, he felt what could only be termed as queesy.

"Then it's true?" Inquirer asked him, surprised, "That that sector allocation for your next internal journal entry...."

"Was just what he said it would be," Probe whispered.

"One thing does seriously disturb me....besides the mention of that other version of this world...and another Probe who's origin traces itself back to a travesty that hadn't been comitted by the....by my Company." he continues.

"Zular in the leader of the Griffons....who's coming here later on today," Inquirer says, nodding.

"So, what do we go and do, tell somebody?" Dragon Synizn asks.

"Yep." Probe says as he and the others rush off to tell the others of a possible problem heading down the pike.

Later, a very surprised and frustrated Zular is confronted....and then an ensuing battle within himself began....and all saw that Zular (aka Dark Trilling and Light Trilling) would eventually drive the other mad if nothing was done to rid Zular from Light Trilling.

"We would be able to do it if we still had the Crystallic," Regent Malachi gripped, "But we don't have the means that these Others apparently had...whatever it was."

Indeed, this bullsession had turend up little to nothing on how to handle this situation (as opposed to the one on Terra Prime, that had).

"Maybe....there is," Dragon Synzin mutters, remembering a gift given him by Sato upon completing his last leasons in the East, "It's desperate....though....and it'll have to be me who does it."

  1. And I might be joining Sato if the results of this "cure" call forth Who and What I think they'll call forth, the dragon mage thinks, shuddering.

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