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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13591

A tall, handsome man stands up. For some reason, Charlotte thinks he looks very familiar. He says: "My Liege, I will destroy the dragon for you and ensure that no harm comes to Princess Charlotte."

The King says to the man: "Thank you. It is a most noble thing you are doing." He then addresses everyone at the banquet: "And so we send our most heroic warrier, Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, to vanquish the most terrible dragon of the Southern Caves. For years the dragon has tormented our people. Burned our fields, taken our children, and been an all around mean dragon. Now, though, in trying to claim my daughter he has finally gone too far.

"Lord Fred, take this map. Use it to locate the entrance to the dragon's lair at the Southern Caves. May God be with you on your quest."

  1. Charlotte insists that she cannot let Lord Fred risk his life on her behalf.
  2. Lord Fred sets out to find and kill the dragon.

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JH (with apologies to Sir Toby for "borrowing" from episode 2)

10/14/2000 9:24:15 AM

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