Answer to maiden's prayer

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13463

The glow in the room no longer lit up a simple room, but now lit up a huge medieval feast.

Charlotte was immediately aware that she was no longer a six year old girl. She was now a seventeen year old woman and dressed in the finest clothes.

There in front of Charlotte were plates piled high with all manner of foods. Everyone is eagerly grabbing and eating, so Charlotte joins in and scoffs away.

Just then a scared looking man comes running in. He falls to his knees in front on the man beside Charlotte and address him "Your majesty, the evil dragon is back and he demands that you give your daughter to him or he will destroy the castle"

The King leaps to his feet and says

  1. "So be it. Off you go Charlotte, your not worth losing the castle for"
  2. "Who will fight the dragon and save the Princess"
  3. "Don't be silly the dragon's a spent force"
  4. "Has anyone got a plan to sort this out?"

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Karen Ford

10/13/2000 3:53:54 PM

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