what happened?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13543

Fred's head is spinning. All those bad words... dirty ideas... evil things said... "What's going on?" Fred has queried nobody in particular.

"Beats me. Someone must have had a brain fart" replied I, the current author.

"...! Who are you?"

Having fun and dragging this out for all it's worth, I write some godly thunder into my voice. "I am the WEAVER of your FATE, one of a thousand, he who has power... the AUTHOR!"

"Never heard of you."

"rrrr... It's OK, I just wrote in that you did. I control your fate, and everything you do, you know."

"Yeah... Anyway, can we kind of undo what just happened? That was really freaky." "LOVE to. I'm not much for gratuitous cussing either." *POOF*

  1. *POOF,* he's back a few steps. Avoid this route next time!

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6/7/2001 7:10:11 AM

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